Protect Your Own Well Being. Part 1
05.04.2020 By divorcemarriage 0

Protect Your Own Well Being. Part 1

Ok, one word of warning here, I’m going to get just a little bit spiritual on you now.  But let me define what I mean by spiritual before I lose you.  I found it summed up nicely by Leo Booth, author of “The Wisdom of Letting Go”.

Spirituality is a healthy relationship between body, mind, and emotions that empowers choice, responsibility, and change.

Religion is something else entirely in my opinion.  I’m not going to get into religion at all here, but I am going to discuss spirituality in the sense of maintaining your body, mind and emotions through what may easily prove to be the most stressful, emotionally trying time of your life.

When I first became a father, the first weeks after my daughter’s birth were exciting, terrifying, stressful and overwhelming.  At times, I wasn’t sure I’d survive the addition of a newborn to our home.  Looking back on it now, I wish someone who had been down the road before would have simply sat me down and said “Look, trust me, the sleep deprivation will end soon, you’ll get your feet under you and figure out how to handle things, and soon life will be wonderful again.”  As I was going through it, I couldn’t see beyond those first sleepless nights, the times when the baby cried and couldn’t seem to be comforted, all the absolutely normal parts of the experience that I just had to get through.   When my second daughter arrived on the scene a few years later, the experience was much easier to handle because I could focus on the good times ahead, instead of dwelling on yet another night of interrupted sleep.

When my marriage melted down, I was lucky enough to have a close friend who had walked a path very similar to mine, who cared enough to share his own experiences with me, and to help me focus on life beyond divorce.  I want to do the same for you with this section.  I want to help you remember to take care of yourself, and to show you how you can keep yourself as emotionally and physically healthy as possible, because I absolutely believe that the stress of divorce can ruin your health if you don’t keep it under control.  You may be in a situation where the demise of your marriage may be the best thing that has happened to you since the day you said “I do”, but even in that extreme situation, you are almost certainly going to feel a great deal of emotional pain.  And if you’re in a situation where the end of your marriage feels like the end of the world, you are going to have to take some action to keep yourself from suffering any more than you have to as you pass through this difficult stage of your life.

There are several immediate steps that you can take right now, that will begin to get focused on maintaining your mental and physical health through this difficult period in your life.  As we continue on with this section, we’re going to start by helping you keep your body in shape.