Part 9
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Part 9

Surprisingly, your situation
is NOT unique

  Another common issue that all of our marriage counselors see is that when people first come in, they are under the impression that their situation cannot be helped because no counselor has ever dealt with a situation like theirs before.

  The good news is that relationships and marriages, although they vary widely from one to another, often have similar sources of conflict.

  And if you have been counseling long enough (all of our counselors have been at this for over 20 years each), you acquire the wisdom to identify common patterns.

  This allows you to instantly recognize the source of conflict and dig down immediately into the problem.

  So, although some people might think their situation is unique and hopeless, in reality, there actually is hope, just as Debbie from Michigan discovered below after trying our marriage saving system:


“Until I read this book, I thought my situation was hopeless. My husband is now communicating and everything looks much brighter for us. For the first time in 18 months I have hope that we can make it.”

— Debbie P., Wallace, Michigan


   IMPORTANT:  Ok, by now you are probably eager to find out how you can quickly start to use the complete system that we’ve developed with the help of our three marriage counselors to save your marriage and stop a divorce.

   So without further wait…

Here’s how we can help you save your marriage
or relationship starting right now…

   On January 16, 2004 we completed a new marriage saving system called Saving Your Marriage Made Remarkably Simple™.

   This system outlines in step-by-step detail only the most effective marriage-saving and divorce-stopping strategies that our three experts have developed in their combined 76 years of private marriage counseling practice.

   This is not just your typical “how to improve your marriage book” – it’s a complete marriage-saving system and it is different than anything else on marriage or divorce you’ve ever seen.

   A little more on that in a second, but first, you are probably wondering