Part 9
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Part 4

But you have just as much of a right to
this secret as anyone else does…

   Well, just like death and taxes, relationships are inevitable; but unlike death and taxes, relationships and marriage are supposed to be a good thing, aren’t they?

  Marriages are supposed to make us feel loved, wanted and appreciated by someone who understands us.

  Well, we certainly think so.

  And since we earn a living sharing helpful information and advice with other people, that’s exactly what we’ve decided to do right now…

   …share this information with you so you too can discover how to save your own marriage or relationship, just like John and Mary have.

   And the reason why we are sharing this is simple:  because there is no reason why this secret should be kept from YOU.

   You are a human being too with just as much right to this information as everyone else.

   All of our lives are filled with the potential for loving relationships — husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, father and daughter, mother and son, brother and sister, etc.

   So if we don’t figure out sooner or later how to have a successful relationship like John and Mary have, we’ll quickly find ourselves all alone, sad and depressed with nobody to turn to in our times of need (just like Steve and Karen).

   And we ALL have our times of need don’t we?

   Before we share with you how you too can save your marriage or relationship (the secret that John and Mary discovered), it is important for you to understand exactly…

The reason why most marriages and relationships fail…

   Did you know that according to the Census Bureau, in 2002, 50% of marriages started that year are likely to end in divorce if historical trends continue?

   If that figure surprises you, it shouldn’t.

   Just think how many divorced couples you know … how many of your friends have had failed relationships … or maybe even how many failed relationships you have had yourself (and we shouldn’t beat ourselves up about that, we are all humans and those things just sometimes happen).

   It’s silly to think that it is just mere coincidence that THAT many people have failed relationships … and continue to have them despite seemingly trying everything to fix the problems.

   There must be something that we as humans do consistently wrong that drives other people away.

   And conversely, there must be something that the other 50% of happily married people are doing right (or at least partially right, since there is NO such thing as a perfect marriage) either by choice because someone has taught them … or maybe it’s just by sheer luck.

   Well, the answer is actually fairly straight-forward: