Part 9
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Part 3

A shocking surprise…

   For instance, even though each of these marriage counselors practices independently (they didn’t know each other before this project), when we sifted through all of our findings, we discovered that there was one simple technique that they all used that was remarkably effective at saving a marriage or relationship.

   And the best part was that even if only one person in the relationship seemed to want to save it — or would even try — this technique would still work.

   Not surprisingly, this is the same technique that John and Mary have used to save their marriage, even though they both had been depressed at the thought the relationship was doomed.

Why you deserve to know
about this secret…

   Unfortunately, once we discovered this secret, we knew immediately that most people had no clue about this technique … and that got us a little ticked off.

   This idea is so stunningly simple and easy to use, that it makes no sense why more people don’t know about it.

   After all, why should some relationships prosper with love and romance while other fail so miserably?

   Why should some couples be forced to repeatedly make the same stupid relationship mistakes over and over, just like Steve and Karen do?

   Why should only a select few couples like John and Mary have the ability to reach a level of love, understand, appreciation and respect that sustains them through the tough times?

   And why should so many marriages end in divorce when they don’t have to?

   Well, after defiantly posing these questions back to the marriage counselors who we worked with, the answer they gave back to us was simple:

Most people have never been taught
how to have a successful relationship!

   Yep, it’s really that simple.

   At first, we didn’t think something as simple as THAT could be the reason.

   But after we learned a little more, a light went off in our heads and we suddenly realized they were right.

   Think about this for a second.

   You spent years as a child in school taking all sorts of classes on math, history, English, etc.

   You also spent countless hours with your parents, friends, relatives, co-workers and business associates talking about all sorts of things.

   But did anyone EVER once try to teach you what it takes to have a successful relationship?

   If your lives are anything like ours (we are about as normal as it gets), then the answer to that is a resounding NO!

   Sure, we’ve ALL had the occasional two-minute conversation where someone dumped a ton of advice on us about how to handle a relationship problem, but that advice usually didn’t make much sense or really didn’t apply to our own situation.

   And if it worked, it only did so for a short while and then things got ugly again quickly.

   Or maybe you knew of a couple who always seemed to be able to make things work — they always enjoyed each other’s company, seemed totally in love and gave each other the attention that they needed … you know the type we are talking about, we’ve all known a couple like that.

   But every time you tried to figure out how they did it so you could have that same type of love, respect and even romance in your relationship, you just couldn’t seem to put your finger on it to make it work for your own situation.