Intimate life in marriage. Continuation
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Intimate life in marriage. Continuation

Make Sure To Keep It Fun
The last thing you want to do is to put yourself and/or your spouse under any pressure as you begin to modify your sexual relationship, so I strongly suggest that the two of you try to keep this process filled with a healthy, positive, fun and adventurous attitude. In this section, I’ve highlighted a few books that have been written specifically to help people add some fun and excitement back into their sex lives. A great example of this type of thing is the 101 Nights of Grrreat Sex book. This book will almost certainly guarantee you at least 101 nights of sexual experiences that are fun, provocative and generally something you haven’t tried before, so if you don’t know where else to begin, you can treat these books as your “instruction manual” as you head down the roads towards a better sex life.

I’ve also recently been in contact with Michelle Weiner-Davis, who has authored several books that are geared towards offering advice for relationship rebuilding. Her latest book, “The Sex -Starved Marriage” is now in bookstores. This latest book is definitely one you should take a look at if you’re finding that the sexual aspect of your relationship is suffering.

But whether or not you try one of these books, just try to make sex a fun part of your life again. Sex shouldn’t be a duty, it shouldn’t be something that only gets attention late at night when you’re both exhausted. Don’t be afraid to send the kids to a friend or relative’s house for the afternoon and have sex in the kitchen. Try to remember and recapture the feelings you had when you first discovered your partner, fantasize about being with him/her, try things you may have thought or read about but may never have been brave enough to do.

I’m going to highlight two specific web based resources here, because I sincerely believe that the material they contain are of the highest possible quality and relevance to this topic. The first is a site called “Orgasmology”. While the name sounds like it’s some new science, it’s really just a site full of VERY helpful tips for making sex better. Definitely geared towards the male visitor. The other is “500 Lovemaking Tips” and the information on this site is a bit more balanced in terms of offering tips and advice for both men and women. Both have information you can get your hands on right now and that you can put into action TONIGHT! Don’t wait to get started on this course towards making sex fun again!

Get In Shape
I simply cannot say enough times how important I think it is to be in good shape physically. If you have let yourself slide physically, chances are very good that you may be feeling somewhat self conscious about your body, and it’s going to be hard to fully enjoy sex is you don’t feel good about yourself. It’s also quite likely that shedding those extra pounds will help to rekindle your partner’s attraction to you. And let’s face it, being in good shape can only help your stamina and energy once the sex gets started. Getting into shape cranks your metabolism back up, you’ll be more energized, more alert and you’ll quickly begin feeling better about yourself. Someone who radiates a confident sense of well being is much more attractive than someone who is embarrassed about the condition of his/her body. And let’s face it, we’re talking about turning your marriage back into a solid, rewarding relationship, so it makes sense to keep yourself as healthy as possible so that you can stick around and enjoy it for a long time.

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